1. Can I do the inspection myself?

Well some people might try to do their own inspection. It’s not recommended, our Inspectors have taken extensive training and classes on each component of the home. There are several component’s in a home Even a trained Inspector has to keep studying too stay up to date on changes in the industry.

2. What is the average cost of an inspection?

The average cost in our area is $300.00 Some company’s charge for the first hour then so much for every hour after that, We charge by the square foot $300.00 for home’s up to 2499 Sq. Ft. then $50.00 for every additional 500 Sq.Ft.

3. How long does the inspection take?

Depending on the size of the home and how many Inspectors are present. You can plan on 1 hour per 1000 Sq. Ft. But if 2 inspectors are present it will be a shorter time. Average time 2 to 3 Hours 1 inspector.

4. Can I be present for the inspection?

Yes you are more then welcome to be present we encourage you to be there. That way you can point out your concerns, and we can explain our finding to you instead of you trying to interpret it from the report.

5. What happens if problems are found during the inspection?

There will always be issues found on a home even brand new home’s could have something wrong. Nothing is perfect. We inspect home to find major problems. Don’t sweat the small stuff If there is a major problem you can negotiate for the seller to make repairs or drop there price so you can make repairs.

6. What does the inspection cover?

The Inspection cover all components of the home.
Roof/Foundation/HVAC System/Plumbing/Electrical/Insulation and Ventilation You can have the home checked for Radon and Pest Infestation.